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About Beverly

Travel Photography portrait

Not too long ago I took my 8 year old nephew on a walk in the woods. I brought my camera and even though it  weighed nearly as much as he did, he was excited to take over the reins and start shooting.  At one point during our stroll he shrieked, "people pay you to take pictures?!?" To which I was given a very sweet moment to reflect on my career over the years and the opportunities I have had to photograph beautiful and engaging spaces, places, and most meaningfully, faces.

Aside from photography, I enjoy my time interior designing, writing, volunteering for hospice, and studying and practicing energy and consciousness work. I am also a fanatic traveler and love to journey to sites that are off the beaten path.


But back to my nephew - that wonderment is what I like to bring to each shoot. Seeing the subject with new eyes each time and the ability to bring out the depth and essence that we all carry within ourselves. And to then capture that moment when you forget the camera is even there.  ✨ 


Currently photographing in Maryland, DC and Virginia.

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